Welcome to SolarSpring

SolarSpring is a developer of clean-energy water systems.  Our solutions desalinate and treat seawater and non-potable water using solar energy or waste heat.   These clean energy sources are used to power technologies such as membrane distillation, ultrafiltrationUV disinfection and more.  Our expertise is in the design and integration of water treatment systems that operate on low or intermittent energy sources.

SolarSpring is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and our close collaboration continues on many research activities and field deployments.   

SolarSpring is a pioneer in solar membrane distillation systems.  The first field system was deployed in the Canary Islands in 2004 and is still in operation today.  Currently systems are installed in countries from Mexico to the Middle East, Africa and Australia.


FilmClip 2014 - SolarSpring video
FilmClip 2013 - SolarSpring video
Podcast - Sonne als Durstlöscher audio