SolarUF Ultrafiltration

SolarUF (Ultrafiltration) units purify up to 20.000 litres of water per day using only PV solar energy. The SolarUF unit operates autonomously and safely remove harmful bacteria and viruses from contaminated water. Automatic backflushing and energy management make the system easy to run, low maintenance, and ideal for remote applications.

SolarUF – Purification Systems are perfectly suited for applications where drinking water is needed and no or low infrastructure is available. SolarUF-Purification Systems guarantee a reliable and safe water supply from dirty water sources. They provide an economical and ecological alternative to water transportation by boat or truck. SolarUF-can be used as a standalone solution for direct drinking water production or modular for example as efficient pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) units. Typical drinking water applications are:

  • individual water home systems
  • hotel and tourist resort applications
  • rainwater harvesting
  • remote settlements or villages


Available standard configurations

Our standard solar or grid-connected UF-systems have a nominal capacity of 250l/h and 1.000l/h.

The UF-purification box UF0.05 is our smallest standard system e.g. for household, piloting or emergency applications. The UF-purification box has a packed dimension of about 0.8x0.4x0.4m and weights 15kg  (grid-type) or 26kg (solar-type). It produces daily 500 liter of clean water in a 100% solar-driven operation or 1.200 liter when connected to the grid.

Please ask for further information and other capacities !


Application Case - Hope Project, Delhi / India

A SolarUF plant has been installed for the Hope Project in Delhi, India. The Project includes a school and a community health centre amongst others for which it requires the highest standards of drinking water. It has been installed on the roof of the building to supply the whole project with safe and pure drinking water. This unit also includes a SolarAO Disinfection system that allows us to store and distribute the water without any risk of re-contamination.

Moreover the installation of a Prepaid Water Tap has demonstrated an easy and transparent option to distribute the water.

The installation, operation and service of the system is guaranteed in cooperation with our Indian partner Orange Point Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.

For a visit or more information about the installed plant please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Hope Project located in Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi/India - link



System Benefits

Features Benefits
100% solar powered - Installation in remote off-grid locations
- Low operation costs
- Operation up to 24h/day
Automatic self-cleaning system - Reliable, consistent water quality regardless of the degree of contamination of the original water
- Removal of germs, bacteria, viruses and all types of suspended solids
- Low fouling, long term operation with water/air back flushing
Flexible, stand-alone and reliable - Simple and safe to operate
- Automatic, PLC-controlled operation
- Suitable for many feed water sources
- Automatic membrane integrity control (optional feature)
- Integrated UV disinfection unit