SolarPumping Systems

SolarPumping Systems are specially designed for water supply in remote areas in which no reliable electricity source is available. They deliver water in an economic and environmentally friendly way, even from very deep wells. Features, such as longevity and minimum maintenance are key advantages of these pumping systems. 

Using solar energy instead of expensive diesel, SolarPumping Systems are profitable after a short time of operation. Linking the SolarPumping System to a water tank guaranties an independent water supply, even when the sun is temporarily not shining. The stored water can be used for applications such as irrigation, domestic use or to supply one of our purification and desalination systems for the production of high quality drinking water. 

SolarSpring offers a selected range of direct and battery supported SolarPumping Systems with different capacities. We design your personal system according to your needs and specifications. Simply download our Solar Pumping questionnaire, fill in all the necessary information (location, daily water needs, water table depth….) and send it back, in order for us to design a system which perfectly matches your application and local conditions.